Gutter guards aren’t the first thing people think of when it comes to preventing vermin from getting into their home, this homeowner at Bayswater had done their research and knew this was a perfect solution to stop vermin from climbing up the down pipes, running round the gutters and getting into the roof space.

For this to be successful we had to look at all entry points, which included making the down pipes inaccessible whilst still allowing for water to run freely. Following a thorough inspection of the roof by the homeowner and myself we came up with a solution to his problem.

As we have two products to choose from we took the decision to go with our steel ember guard as it would be harder for anything to chew. We also went with our domed valley protection not just for their valleys but also for some other openings.

Like with all installations we started off thoroughly cleaning the gutters, even though there was no issue with leaf debris. We then meticulously closed off all entry points, this included securing mesh at the top of the down pipes as well as the bottom, along with some areas where the flashing met the roof.

The end result was a secure roof and a very satisfied customer.