Some people say gutter guards don’t work, sometimes they are right, which is why at Gutter Knight we don’t use plastic, stick anything down or use the guards that sit inside the gutters including the toilet brush ones. Instead we looked at what doesn’t work to help us design what does. Which is why we are the most reviewed of any gutter guard company in Perth.

There are so many different types of gutter guards on the market, cheap to expensive, DIY to professional installation, plastic to metal and stuck down compared to securely fixed.

Not all do the same job, some actually block the gutters, trap debris and cause bigger problems. So how do I choose?

Toilet brush/foam insert – these actually sit inside the gutter, when you think that the gutters are there to take water to the down pipe how can they do this when they have been filled with a brush or foam? They also hold onto leaves and debris making the problem worse.

Plastic – what else on your roof is plastic? Nothing, there’s a good reason for this, with our climate how do you think plastic will react. It ends up collapsing and distorting trapping leaves and creating an environment for them to break down and rot out your gutters.

Inside gutter system – you often find the holes on these are so large that they don’t actually keep much out, also as they sit under the lip of the gutter and under either the tile or roof sheet, it creates different place for leaves to accumulate.

Stuck down – do you have anything else on your roof which is stuck down? Not surprising really when you think about it. On a metal roof everything is screwed down as it’s the strongest way of fixing. If for whatever reason you need access to your gutter you can just remove and then replace a screw, if it’s stuck down what do you do.

Domed gutter mesh – the reason you want gutter guards are to stop them collecting on your roof, with a domed gutter mesh you are actually creating a new leaf catchment area.

Gutter cleaning – gutter cleaning is great as soon as it’s been done, but what about the next wind which brings down leaves, it’s blocked all over again. This could be the next day, week or month, it’s temporary not permanent,

The only system which truely protects your gutters has to be attached to the roof and the top of your gutters to creat a ski slope.

It’s also worth noting that everything requires some degree of maintenance, flushing the gutters with a hose and blowing any sitting leaves is all it takes to keep your gutter guards in top working order.