I was asked to visit this customer at Jane Brook in the swan valley, as they were building a new home in a high risk bush fire area and wanted to fully protect their home, not just with leaf guard, but with something offering greater protection from bush fires. Which is why they chose Gutter Knight ember guard.

Our ember guard is made out of steel and the mesh only has an opening of 2mm, for bushfire alert levels (BAL) over 19, the opening can’t be bigger than 3mm. As with all of our products the ember guard is available in all the colorbond colours, enabling us to match the trim which secures the mesh to your gutters, to match your gutters and the mesh and secure roof fixing to match the roof colour. All of this adds to the aesthetics of your home and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

The home owner really liked the product and how it is securely fixed like everything else on your metal roof by screwing it into place. They had already done their research and knew that they didn’t want anything plastic or stuck down as neither would be up to the job. What really swung it was our 15 year material and 20 year workmanship warranty.

When it came to the day of installation which had been agreed with the builders so as not to affect any other trades on site, the first thing we did was clean out all the gutters. Over the next two days we took our time to install the ember guard correctly, once completed we took photos of the whole job to save the customers from climbing on the roof to inspect and removed all our waste from the site.